Representiational shogi set

  • So, I have been building one of these out of 1:72 plastic samurai. This is what I have so far:


    currently short the riders and the king for a full team.

    Hopefully the gold and silver generals and the pawns should be obvious. The musketeer is the flying chariot (rook) and the archer is the angel-mover (bishop).

    The cassia horses ('knights') will be wielding swords and the incense chariots ('lances') will be wielding, well, spears.

    For promotions I plan to have two sets of bases which can stack on each other as in draughts.

    Posting here because why not

  • samrider.jpg
    The cavalry have arrived

  • @Gwarl These look very good. The graininess of the photo renders the figurines a texture from those vintage Toho horror films.

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