The List

  • No longer conceptual, a post in which I can record a list of things to do on the site, and add to and remove from. I fear there will be more adding than removing.

    • Change all our pug back to ejs so I can write html again
    • several bugs related to spectating
      • fuddle through the applyTerminal, adjustFontSize, calculateIdealFontsize function and calls and reorganise everything to make it sensible again
    • collapsible sidebar
      • probably use some kind of modern table/column layout system and give half a thought to phone users.
    • teach the death angel how to keep records of the fallen
    • irc server as a backend to the chat
    • allow playing in a terminal via ssh

  • @Gwarl
    Be nice to kibbitz from a phone, if not play. Unfortunately, the comment section doesn't show, so you can't chat.

  • Okay I've added it. The site has no for-phones mode whatsoever and if it works at all it has nothing to do with me but it's certainly an area where a lot of ground could be made.

    Adding it to the bottom of the list but if I add graphics/tileset to the list that will be even lower.

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