Have you heard about Razer coin?

  • Hello gamer fellas
    I'm a pleased user of Razer peripherals for quite a bit of time, but i didn't find out until recently that Razer has it's own coin. So i decided to investigate quite a bit, reading stuff on articles like this to learn more about the Razer platform and how to take advantage of it. The chance to earn some Razer Silver and eventually claim a Razer product seems like a big deal for me. I'm not sure how much time it would take, but it's reward system definitely looks good on paper. It also has a big list of supported titles. I play PUBG mobile with friends so i will put some bucks to top up my account and get used with the service. So.. Anyone has experience with Razer Gold & Silver? Do u think it's worth it or it's just a waste of time to make another company richer without gaining any significant.

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