• Hey, Gwarl. Just starting a thread here to move our convo over from the chat on .live. IIRC, you thought AlexAngband could be ported in to without too much trouble? Let me know wassup, and how (if) I could help.

    I was surprised when I played AA how much more enjoyable the game became with the persistent Home. Less crushing when a high-level character got AHMD'd, etc.

  • FYI - just made a donation as a downpayment on this project. ;^) Thanks for all you do!

  • @Chundarr Hey just saw this.. I'll take a look at it this week

  • Seems to be a windows-only variant. That doesn't mean it can't be wrangled to work on UNIX again, but it does mean it'll take a bit longer.

  • @Gwarl Thanks for looking at it! If it's just too much of a hassle, I understand.

  • Needs some patching, but it's up

  • Way cool, and thanks much! As soon as my RePosBand Troll wins or dies, I'll be playng AA mostly.

  • I'm not sure if anyone but me is interested, but I'm noticing some other differences about AA. It seems the item generation and drops are much more rare. The name of the game appears to be to harvest $ and then purchase discounted stuff in town.

    But it's been so long since I played an older version of Vanilla, maybe it was just that way from the beginning...

  • Also, the old "wield a small weapon to get extra attacks" mechanics are in full effect.

  • Also also.. the beta code making monsters more intelligent in groups adds some new challenges to the game...

  • So the good: cool random artifact generator, triggered by enchant item scrolls. The bad: ELEMENTAL LEVELS! An artifact on the level, but also a "storm" of elements that moves across the level inflicting 3 figures of damage when it hits you. If you can't either find the artifact or get off the level before the storm hits you, you're toast. Aggravating.

  • @Chundarr Huh! That storm-race thing is interesting. Do you know when you have staired into such a level, or do you only find out when a tornado whips round the corner and gooshes you?

    Can you bail on the level, or will it keep rolling them until you pass/fail?

  • @m0stlym0nk if they hit you when you're using stairs, no biggie, you can just go back up. BUT they also sometimes hit you when you WoR down. Not always possible to escape before gooey death. It helps if you have speed potions and detection to find the nearest stairs.

  • @Gwarl ... I may be the only person playing AA lately, so I'll ask... can we reset the user account to clear the current settings?

    I ask because there are instabilities in the game that I think are related to the "randomize artifacts" option. It may be that running with standard artifacts only helps to stabilize. Once the option is set to randarts, it doesn't seem any successive attempts to switch it back actually work.

    What do you think?

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