PosCheng crashes

  • Re: Crash Thread

    Hi, not sure if anyone looks at this forum but wasn't sure where else to post.

    On anband.live I've had a repeated crashes playing PosChengband 7.3.3, which then prevents me from logging into the game at all. When I try to play it just sends me back to the main Angband.live page. So to play the game again, I have to create a new Angband.live profile.

    Also, I noticed there is a newer bugfix PosCheng out there (7.3.4), if you're inclined to add the latest version. I found it here: https://sites.google.com/site/poschengband/home

    I know not many people play PosCheng these days, but it's my variant of choice so I am crossing fingers the crashes can get fixed so I can play it on here!

    Thanks to everyone who maintains this great site.

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