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It's just a flesh wound!
Waiting for that Recall to kick in. No teleport scrolls because I *stupidly* dropped them earlier when I was sorting through treasure, unaware that there were still summoners nearby. I can't cast teleport; only phase door. No healing left (no potions, rod/artifact are charging). No genocide left (charging). No mass genocide left (charging). No restore mana left (used it). Something just took my last 150 hit points by breathing plasma. This is the level where I beat Sauron for the penultimate time. I have the One Ring in my inventory....

Posted on 25.4.2005 15:38

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Afirat, L50 Petty-Dwarf Demonologist


On 25.4.2005 16:11 wrote:
Several turns later, I made it out. Luck was definitely on my side today. Now I have to decide whether to use the One Ring, or to destroy it.

On 25.4.2005 18:55 wrote:
Wow... how did you manage to make it out of that situation alive, with no healing and teleport? Actually, Genocide is a moot point by then, since you didn't have the HP to sustain the backlash. Phase Door doesn't take you nearly after enough, with the arena level and all. ?o*Destruction* then? Hm, that was quite lucky then, since Destruction doesn't usually get all of them (or am I thinking another variant?)

On 26.4.2005 01:24 wrote:
I went *one* move at a time, very carefully, and got some luck. I attacked the pit fiend north of me first (and it died, having been wounded heavily to begin with). It was replaced by some full-strength U, so I moved southeast (displacing the tame L), then an Erinyes got summoned next to me. I attacked the Erinyes, and got 27 HP back from it (vampiric effect). Then I moved south, I think... not really sure now. A couple turns later I took the edge of some ball attack, and recalled back to town with 9 HP left.

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