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76 Balrogs led the big parade...
... with 110 Hezrou right behind! Not literally, of course, but I'm *really* starting to think that the 15th hell knight (for my lost-sword quest) has left the level. I can't seem to find him anywhere.

Posted on 19.4.2005 16:22

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Afirat, L50 Petty-Dwarf Demonologist


On 20.4.2005 04:34 wrote:
One of your bigger demons crushed it(something with the "destroy weaker monsters" flag)... it doesn't seem to count as a kill for the quest, but it removes the monster from the level.

On 20.4.2005 04:54 wrote:
By the way, I changed the code to make Piety show up in light blue while I'm praying, because the difference between the light green and the dark green was too subtle for my eyes, and I'd often find that I was praying (or not praying) for thousands of turns unexpectedly, resulting in a huge loss of piety. I've used this change with three different gods so far, and it seems to be a great improvement for me.

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