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Posted on 13.11.2014 18:38

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On 13.11.2014 18:44 chris wrote:
I'm the P and you'll have to imagine that blue orc is actually some annoying summoner. With this quick setup, he can only summon a single monster behind me which I could TO if needed. Also, if you can summon yourself, you can fill this square with a friendly monster once the summoner moves into position next to you.

On 13.11.2014 18:47 chris wrote:
For monsters that breathe disintegration, this won't work, of course (That's basically just the Serpent and the Unicorn). For the Serpent, hide in the walls and let him come to you outside line of sight (unless you want to fight from a distance). Also, save up ?ForestCreation to use when he breaks through the walls 2 squares away from you so you can get the first move.

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