Links ~ Angbandish sites around the Internet

General sites - official website

github/angband - Official releases for download
Angband - Rephial, former official Vanilla website
Angband Trac - bug tracking system for current Vanilla
Angband Live - play online
Thangorodrim - previous official site for Vanilla by Robert Ruhlmann, no longer updated - usenet newsgroup archives on Google Groups
Angband Spoilers - collection of Vanilla spoilers
Variant list - list of Angband variants on roguebasin
Borg - automatic Angband player
Penance - a rogue-like webcomic
Angband: Tales from the Pit - an Angband inspired comic strip
The Angband Comic - archives
Angband Geek Code - how to create those stylish signatures seen on newsgroup
- online generator
Competition page - old competitions page
Phial - super old official site by Ben Harrison

CathAngband by Neko
Chengband by chris
CthAngband by David Thornley
DaJAngband by will_asher
EyAngband by Eytan Zweig
FAangband by Nick McConnell
Frazband by Benjamin Mann
FuryBand by The Fury
Hellband by Konijn
Hengband is japanese variant by Mr. Hoge
- Hengband spoilers more help for Heng players
Ironband by Antoine
Kamband by Ivan Tkatchev
MAngband multiplayer Angband
NPPAngband by Jeff Greene
- TONPPAF NPPAngband bulletin board
NTAngband by James K. Banks
Oangband by Bahman Rabii
Portralis by Raphael Lalonde Lefebvre
Quickband by Antoine
RePosBand by pampl
Sil by half
Steamband by Courtney Campbell
Tangaria a multiplayer variant
T.o.M.E. by DarkGod
- GerBand a game module for FuryBand
- Killer Bunnies patches and informations for T.o.M.E.
TomeNET - multiplayer T.o.M.E.
Unangband by Andrew Doull
XAngband from Iks The Tutor
Z+Angband by mangojuice

IRC channel #angband #angband

Other rogue-likes
ADOM - Ancient Domains Of Mystery
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