The Angband Ladder: L, Ent Warrior by LostTemplar

Posted on 13.2.2010 20:46
Last updated on 15.2.2010 10:20

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977. on the Ladder (of 18807)
5. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
Best for this player (out of 33)


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On 14.2.2010 13:19 Nick wrote:
That looks about ready to go. A couple of those rings look like they might be worth sacrificing speed to wear...

On 15.2.2010 10:27 LostTemplar wrote:
Three times had to retreat with T-level running out of consumables
Final fight consumes about 30 !!! genocide scrolls, and alot of recharging, but I had not even got hit once.

On 15.2.2010 11:32 Nick wrote:

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