The Angband Ladder: Mighty She-bot, Android Berserker by chris

Posted on 10.1.2010 18:27
Last updated on 10.1.2010 23:53

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On 10.1.2010 18:27 chris wrote:
[CL10:DL1] 00:04
Maybe girls have better luck? I didn't have the heart to play a 'She-man', so we'll have to do with the buff robot version! Second go, as the first one learned the hard way that the early sewer quest is not a place for robots (Acid on my armour popped me down to CL2 and the loss of 160hp made me easy meat for the crocodile ...)

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On 10.1.2010 19:47 chris wrote:
[CL25:DL37] 01:00
Verrrry slooooow goooooing for an Android. After Robin Hood, I got nothing but useless excellent drops, and was stuck on CL23. Annoying, 'cause I found 4 high level spell books ... Finally, I killed It and got boots of stealth, splint mail of resist fire and Merlin, which is mind boggling good for this guy given my luck so far. Actually, Merlin ain't bad ...

Now, I guess I'll go for Sting in frustration, but that is bound to be my demise :)

On 10.1.2010 20:56 chris wrote:
[CL34:DL39] 02:03
OK, I just spent most of the last hour attempting to recover from a bad nexus scramble. At first, it was a base 12 swapped onto dex, which biffed my recall fail rate to the mid 80%s. Then strength got a 12 as well, and that would not do ... Finally, I scummed the Tower quest (original plan was for gold to buy the 20 or so stat potions required to set things right ...). Gachapin dropped some experience ... all the way to CL35 allowing me to pick str (base 13) and to get a random str boost (base 15)! Crowns of telepathy rock for androids. But when I stumbled across some nexus hounds in the Tower, I realized their teleport level effect would not work, so I could just scum them to repair my stats. It took about 300 breaths to do the trick.

Damn, that was annoying. An un-identified ring in my equipment was nexus resistance, back when this all started. Now, I'll wear that.

On 10.1.2010 20:58 chris wrote:
Oh, Malekith was my CL38 quest. At the time, I was base speed of +2 with no nether resistance, no !speed, and no !healing. Better not to die just yet, but I almost wish I had just to avoid all that nexus nonsense!

On 10.1.2010 23:10 chris wrote:
[CL35:DL45] 03:02
This character is definitely leveling up more slowly than my other 'zerkers. I just can't seem to find the requisite kick butt gear to make level progression really pop. Also, damage output is really low ... Anyway, since this is going so slowly, I'll just start updating when interesting stuff happens, like death.

Speaking of which, my vote for most ridiculously powerful monster for its depth goes to Jack of Shadows. I fought him for almost 30 minutes! He is +35 base speed, but will haste himself up to +45 speed almost immediately. I am +6 speed. Now, that means he gets a double move every turn *if I am lucky*. Usually, triple, quadruple and even quintuple moves were the norm. OK, so he steals quite a bit. But he also has 350hp darkness storms, which he loves to cast 3 or 4 times in a row. Bastard! No cloak, too ...

On 10.1.2010 23:53 chris wrote:
Dead again :(

A greater balrog got the jump on me, summoning the King in Yellow, beginning a bout of chain summoning. I massacred 3 times and that's all she wrote. Sigh. Berserkers are really tough ...

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