The Angband Ladder: Aditya, Wood-Elf Demonologist by <>

Posted on 20.12.2009 00:18
Last updated on 15.1.2010 22:54

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On 27.12.2009 21:27 wrote:
Almost took an early bath when fighting Ulik in the town quest, scraped through with around 75 HP. Now facing a Princess quest with 15 x Hru's in Mordor.... hmm, might skip that one.

Probably the best equip I've ever had this early into the game, with finding Ringil for the first time & some nice randart armour. Strange mix of fortunes with rewards from the quests. Hardly any FF.

On 3.1.2010 05:48 wrote:
If only a trap of acquirement didn't swap to a different trap after you used it? I just discovered that sometimes they don't (when in certain terrain features)! That sorted me out with a whole load of new kit...

I'm thinking to use the Sling of the Thain or the randard Crossbow, but at the moment I don't have ammo anywhere near as good as the arrows I'm wielding.

Various odds & sods in mathom house.

On 10.1.2010 00:40 wrote:
I took a bunch of Scrolls of Summon Never-moving Pet into Angband thinking I'd bag myself a Silent Watcher for Symbiosis and ended up with a unique who didn't get hostile! Managed to hypnotise them, and get a 8500 HP pet! Not sure of their melee effects? - seem to crush & gaze at opponents during attacks. If only I'd kept some skill points in store...

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