The Angband Ladder: Sexy Ukyo, High-Elf Warrior by <>

Posted on 7.12.2009 03:54

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On 7.12.2009 03:54 wrote:
Finished off the competition character and the end wasn't happy. Dove quickly and started knocking off uniques which resulted in some terrific gear.

As usual, over-aggressiveness did him in. Was a little beat-up from killing a GWoST but tried taking on a GWoMC immediately after anyway. Didn't go well and resorted to teleporting away. Landed next to Combat Echizen. Probably should have teleported again, but I thought he could get away. Oops.

On 7.12.2009 05:36 wrote:
Yeah, this character's pretty frustrating to play for me too..

If you're willing to try a more fun challenge: Do the 1-game-day challenge!

Beat the game on Day 1 of game-time, simple as that. You can use the Munchkin personality, and are unrestricted for Race/Class. I usually do Android, but Mat won with a Spectre, so presumably there are many combos that could work.

On 7.12.2009 17:15 Elliott wrote:
Nice. Would need a class with great self-healing for that.

With this guy, I think the whole aggravating plus mediocre detection was simply too much for my brain to deal with. If he hadn't gotten telepathy early on, I'm sure he would have been dead by level 30 at the latest. The one thing that really frustrated me was the lack of a pair of gloves of Genji. I kept alternating between single wielding and dual-wielding, depending on the armor of the monsters. Anything over about 150 and I'd single wield. With Genji, he could have just dual-wielded against everything and his offense would have been enough to make up for the aforementioned problems by just obliterating everything.

Yes, he normally carried more healing and escape (?teleportlevel and !healing) but he was basically out. Another reason I should have had him recall before even going after the GWoMC.

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