The Angband Ladder: Payf, RohanKnight Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 13.1.2003 07:43
Last updated on 13.1.2003 21:43

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15174. on the Ladder (of 18816)
2639. on the ToME Ladder (of 3142)
6. for this player (out of 8)

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Vault on OFr lvl18


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On 13.1.2003 07:43 wrote:
I'm just doing a dump now so people can see what I have when I take on the vault. I got a very nice cloak as a Princess reward and it raises my int and wis which helps out my mindcraft that I got from fumblefingers.

On 13.1.2003 21:43 wrote:
Well, the only things I kept out of that vault are me current crown, set of cesti, and boots which are all pretty nice. I left the sorcerer to his evil deeds after he teleported out of the vault. The only thing he summoned was Gorbag who I was able to pick off. Half the loot I brought back were cloaks of mimicry of whatever, but I sold them all. Mindcraft saved my life numerous times in there and I can now see why everyone likes it so much. Now, if only I can find a sword better than my flail since I am a swordmaster.

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