The Angband Ladder: Gwil, Dwarf Paladin by Mikael

Posted on 17.10.2009 13:01
Last updated on 22.11.2009 03:00

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2364. on the Ladder (of 18815)
490. on the Angband Ladder (of 6401)
Second best for this player (out of 19)


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On 17.10.2009 13:01 Mikael wrote:
Trying out a paladin...

On 5.11.2009 23:27 Mikael wrote:
First ever to kill the Mouth of Sauron.

On 5.11.2009 23:31 Mikael wrote:
I thinking of maybe swapping the Ring of Acid for a ring of damage or slaying. But I really like the acid brand so I think I will stick with it.

Any suggestions?

On 6.11.2009 16:13 Nightmarjoo wrote:
I'd hold on to it as a swap for things that resist frost but not acid (Sauron), but overall a damage ring would be better.

On 7.11.2009 20:57 Mikael wrote:
Found a great Scythe of Slicing. Should I wield that instead of Arome? It seems like I am dependent on the ring of Acid for both weapons.

Any suggestions?

On 7.11.2009 21:41 Mikael wrote:
Finally got some revenge on Omarax, the Eye Tyrant. He killed me once in NPPAngband.

On 8.11.2009 22:45 Mikael wrote:
Found a great Mace of Disruptioin (HA).

The question is should I use that instead of Arome (in inventory) and my Scythe of slicing (in my home)

Any suggestions?

On 9.11.2009 21:15 fizzix wrote:
the MoD looks pretty good. I don't see any benefit to the other two weapons.

It also makes the acid ring unnecessary, so you can swap in your randart ring if you want. Giving you more SP.

On 14.11.2009 22:30 Mikael wrote:
First clvl 50 in years.

On 16.11.2009 21:56 Mikael wrote:
Just an update.

On 21.11.2009 08:57 Mikael wrote:
I am hanging around 4900 feet right now and really enjoying it. I have never been this deep before and I will take the time to investigate...

A question to you experienced players: I am prepared enough for the tough battles, i.e. Sauron and Morgoth?

On 22.11.2009 03:00 Mikael wrote:
Aaaaaahhh! My first Angband game was in more than 10 years ago. I started playing while writing my master thesis.

This is my first win. Yeehhaaa!

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