The Angband Ladder: Finggale, Dunadan Paladin by NiJabbieJabba

Posted on 15.10.2009 05:34
Last updated on 22.10.2009 03:52

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On 15.10.2009 05:34 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
Continuation of my ironman attempt for Competition 75, after the competition time ran out.

On 15.10.2009 07:41 PowerDiver wrote:
Why wear Haradrim? You've got poison and blind covered elsewhere. Is the sustain worth the aggravation? I found after I dumped PB1 that I really missed light, and you can't beat CLW for hp/mana.

On 15.10.2009 15:21 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
I don't think it's a long-term decision. As I recall, that 2 strength currently means the difference between 4 and 5 blows with my usual weapon (the Scythe of Slicing of Acid). After another strength potion or two, I plan to dump it. Or, obviously, if I find Thorin.

On 16.10.2009 04:35 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
Generally thriving at 3450'. I'd like to swap out Thranduil and replace with Dor-Lomin, but I'd lose my only source of rBlind. Nenya would solve that problem nicely, along with safeguarding precious potions.

On 16.10.2009 06:10 PowerDiver wrote:
For the moment, you could make the swap. If something hits to blind, you swap before using CCW. At some time in the not too distant future you will have to dump the CCW when you need a slot, so I wouldn't worry much about using them on occasional blindness.

On 16.10.2009 08:22 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
Good advice. I found a pile of upgrades by cloning about 20 Great Hell Wyrms - Cambeleg, this Shield of Preservation, Trident of Wrath, and RoS+9. They're loot machines when you have fire immunity. This Shield of Preservation is amazing - better than any of the artifacts except possibly Thorin.

On 16.10.2009 09:27 Psi wrote:
Hmmm. maybe I should think about unsquelching -CloneMonster...

On 17.10.2009 02:21 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
It's a powerful, if cheesy tactic. I farmed another 50 or so Great Storm Wyrms (until recharge blew up my cloning wand), which don't put up much of a fight when wielding Taratol. Also chewing through the endgame unique list pretty quickly. At this point, I think the main hazard is hubris. It's easy to get stupid when you're too powerful. I've already avoided several fights with the Tarrasque, although I think I can probably kill everybody else without too much danger. Not killing him unless I find appropriate rings of power.

On 21.10.2009 07:05 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
4850' features a black dragon pit and a greater vault. Cleared the pit, and cloned about 50 additional Great Bile Wyrms. The cloning netted me Gil-galad (nice set of sustains for the final battle, maybe), Wrath of God, and a couple potions of *Healing*. I'm starting to feel ready for the final battle. Time to clean out the greater vault, or die trying. Gothmog is inside, and shouldn't be too bad with immunity to fire from Narya.

On 22.10.2009 03:55 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
I'm pretty psyched about having an ironman winner! Morgoth went down fairly easily. Just for completeness, I hunted down all of the uniques he summoned (Polyphemus, Ancalagon, and Vecna) and killed them before quitting.

On 22.10.2009 04:02 PowerDiver wrote:
Congrats. A powerful char with a powerful name. :)

On 22.10.2009 05:37 fizzix wrote:

On 22.10.2009 08:44 bron wrote:
Nice!! What were you using for Nether protection? I don't like to fight Morgoth without it since he has a nether attack. My character had some lovely Boots of Speed that I almost never wore in favor of Dal-i-thalion; how did you deal with the issue?

You say Mogoth went down pretty easy; any tips on that? Or did you just have lots of *Healing* ?

On 22.10.2009 15:22 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
I just lived without it, bron. Nether attacks cap out at 550 damage, IIRC, and I could deal with that. I actually had rather few *Healing* and Life potions going into the final battle - 6 in total, I think. Never found Nenya or Eonwe, so frost breathers were hard on my potions for the entire game. In a non-ironman game, I would have farmed for more at 4900'. But high speed and huge damage output with Glaive of Pain kept the fight pretty short, which was probably the biggest deciding factor. M just didn't get a huge number of turns in which to do bad things to me. Whenever I got between 600 and 850 hp, I would cast Heal, which helped keep consumable usage low.

On 22.10.2009 18:28 bron wrote:
Humm .. well look at that. At 550 damage, an unresisted nether attack is just as bad as a mana storm, which is bad news without lots of !*Heal*/!Life. However, I just looked a bit more closely at the source, and much to my surprise Morgoth does *not* have a BR_NETH attack, but rather a BA_NETH attack (150-250 damage), which is not a big deal at all. Can't imagine how I missed that (for years!). I guess even us old geezers can still learn a thing or two.

BTW - I notice that your char has 1050 HP, while mine maxed out at 1046. Any clue what might have done something like that? It seems weird...

On 23.10.2009 03:48 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
I think I learned to reduce the premium I placed on nether resistance while reading forum posts. Once, I considered it essential, but somebody's numbers persuaded me that I could do without. Might have been PowerDiver? Pete Mack? One of the regulars, anyway.

I have no idea on the HP discrepancy - that is simply bizarre. Maybe we should report it as a bug?

On 23.10.2009 05:19 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
Interestingly, I searched the ladder for all the level 50 Dunadan Paladins and compared HP. Their max values vary between 1020ish and 1060ish, even though they all have 18/*** con. Very peculiar.

On 23.10.2009 18:01 bron wrote:
No, that's not unusual: there is a certain amount of randomness in HP from character to character. The reason I bring it up is because you and I were playing the *same* character, and so we should have had the same number of HP: the randomness happens at the time of character creation and so it shouldn't be different between us. The thing to check is not the ladder, but rather the competitions, to see if identical maxed-out level 50 characters have the same HP or not.

On 24.10.2009 00:56 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
Fascinating! I'd not realized that HP worked that way. Sadly, there are no other level 50s on the 75 ladder to compare. My guess, though - I probably inadvertently cheated. I played around 20 incarnations of Fingwind, most of them short-lived (I get really careless with floating eyes in particular on the early levels). This fellow probably got started from a dead guy's save rather than the original Comp 75 file, although I tried to be careful about that.

Ironically, I never even stopped at store #4 to check for copies of the PB1-3, since I'd grown sadly accustomed to doing without. I guess that would have been a tipoff, since they're stocked in the vast majority of cases.

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