The Angband Ladder: Flingwin, Dunadan Paladin by buzzkill

Posted on 9.10.2009 07:06
Last updated on 14.10.2009 03:45

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18. on the Competition No.75 Ladder (of 32)


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On 9.10.2009 07:13 buzzkill wrote:
Back for more. After 3 or 4 quick deaths, Flingwin the 6th (maybe the 7th or 8th, not sure) is experiencing great success. Nearly bit the bullet back on 11. I could not find an exit anywhere. Ended up fleeing Ladguf a horde of orcs and a few others while hacking my way through a pack of white wolves blocking my path. I burned through 9 of my 10 phase doors, but eventually got to the stairs with only 34 HP remaining. Luckily I found a place to rest on 12. Lots of un-id'd stuff. No ID or matching missile set yet.

On 9.10.2009 07:17 buzzkill wrote:
Almost forgot. No books yet. None at all.

On 9.10.2009 19:43 Ghen wrote:
Are you not even bothering to look for books, or just bad luck?

On 10.10.2009 04:30 NiJabbieJabba wrote:
It's not as though he has much choice in the matter.

On 10.10.2009 19:07 buzzkill wrote:
Getting deeper, but not much kit improvement. I'm looking for stuff, yes. I even started with a bunch of detect treasures. I did finally find a magic for beginners. Doh! I'm down to my last torch, and escapes my are getting slim. On the plus side, I've a few good weapons. Stealth +4 is great and the Slay Orc comes in handy quite often.

On 13.10.2009 03:37 buzzkill wrote:
I found a lantern, and with my 7 flasks of oil my light problem is solved. My new {special} dagger (Ladguf) supersedes most of my 'slay' weapons, but I hanging on the the defender for the stealth (regen, FA, SI). The {ego} bolts came from Wormtongue. Still no priest books. Was almost killed when I dropped into a new level into a room with a tiger and a grizzly bear. They would have dropped, no problem, but novice paladins kept filing into the room and frightening me. I killed a bunch of them, using a phase or two, before the ring of teleportation kicked in. That landed in a room full of Crebain, that nearly killed me again. I'm all out of escapes and low on healing. I going to have to start resting more, damn the turncount.

On 14.10.2009 03:50 buzzkill wrote:
Scrolls of satisfy hunger coming out the wazoo! Light and food in great shape. Finally (DL23) found my first spell book, Words of Wisdom. Portal and healing should come in handy, but I still don't have any detects and poor resists.

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