The Angband Ladder: Ruth XLVI, Dunadan Paladin by miyazaki

Posted on 22.9.2009 02:03

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11062. on the Ladder (of 18813)
4389. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
8. for this player (out of 10)


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On 22.9.2009 02:03 miyazaki wrote:
My latest Ironman character--45th in the series

On 22.9.2009 03:59 Nightmarjoo wrote:
Wow, your only source of resist cold came as immunity to cold. That has a sick to-dam too. Three brands too? See_invis? res_blind? 3 slays, and a *slay*? What a godly weapon. The +3 dex is nice too lol. Random artifacts are so fun.

On 25.9.2009 02:00 miyazaki wrote:
Dead. I found a second artifact that was *slay dragon* and having me 100+ x5 blows! I tried to take on a AMHD (I was also +19 speed) but he breathed frost, ironically enough, and that was it. I'm gutted. Definitely my best ironman attept! Back to the drawing board...

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