The Angband Ladder: Faye, Grey-Elf Mage by Psi

Posted on 7.9.2009 19:07

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On 7.9.2009 19:20 Psi wrote:
An almost apologetic submission given the luck I had with this character. However I don't feel quite so bad seeing the regularity with which Ringil has been showing up in this comp.

I'm pleased to see that Morgy now has a targeted summoning and could therefore bypass my runes. I also saw him utilise the teleport to spell for the first time which also made a mess of my set up work. He recovered from my slowing runes at least twice, but he still was not a match for the destructive power of the new mage.

On 8.9.2009 00:59 Nick wrote:
Holy crap that's some good gear.

On 8.9.2009 08:17 Psi wrote:
Yep. I always assumed I'd wear the PDSM, but it was just too heavy to keep my SP where I'd like it. I had a combat mage build using that and to_hit rings etc, but I wasn't going to be meleeing Morgoth.

Since 1.0 I have never been so lucky. This is my third PDSM (including Bladeturner), which is more than the total I've seen pre 1.0

On 8.9.2009 08:55 Cave Man wrote:
Phenominal effort. Well done.

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