The Angband Ladder: RobAnyone, Kobold Rogue by will_asher

Posted on 13.8.2009 22:57
Last updated on 18.8.2009 20:37

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On 13.8.2009 22:57 will_asher wrote:
used up the charges on the staff of summoning on dl1 to make sure I didn't accidently use it later.
Gauntlets of throwing add a multiplier to thrown weapon damage (as if it were being fired from a bow). They work nicely with this throwing axe of flame but they hurt my mana and I don't have much in the first place.

On 14.8.2009 23:59 will_asher wrote:
Found a few artifacts but still using the acid-branded staff as my main weapon for now.

I found a better pair of gauntlets of throwing and begun using throwing weapons as my primary range weapons and it works pretty well. I just have to be careful of using them around fire and acid breathers, because if they get destroyed it's worse than if a few arrows get destroyed. I lost my flame-branded throwing axe to an acid breather. (vasp stingers are like inherently poison-branded throwing daggers)

On 15.8.2009 23:14 will_asher wrote:
Found some good artifacts since last dump. This is my best game in awhile, and I think it's kindof funny that both of my recent deep games (this and my wizmode Donk game) wore a filthy rag of elvenkind into the dl40s. Just a few minutes ago I found this pair of boots which was +1 better than my last pair of speed boots. Also found a few more good throwing weapons to replenish the ones that got destroyed.

On 17.8.2009 22:31 will_asher wrote:
Had my favorite throwing weapons (the vasp stingers) get destroyed by an acid ball. oh well. Can't complain when I'm still alive in my best game ever.

On 17.8.2009 22:35 will_asher wrote:
I thought a ring of Ice combined with the two-handed sword of extra attacks which I had earlier would do more damage than Aeglin, but I was wrong so I got rid of the two-handed sword.

On 18.8.2009 20:37 will_asher wrote:
@ needs to chose his fights better and run away when he needs to. I think that's my number 1 cause of death. RIP my best game ever (so far)

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