The Angband Ladder: Legolas, High-Elf Rogue by Diogenes

Posted on 6.8.2009 23:02
Last updated on 9.8.2009 22:09

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5349. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 6.8.2009 23:02 Diogenes wrote:
My first entry in a long while... I'm sticking to a strict 2/1 Clev/Dlev ratio for a while, although this can't continue for long... it would mean getting in Statgain regions when I'm level 50.

The XBow of Power gives my bolts an average damage of 27 points, which is quite enough for most monsters on this level.

The new version is nice, although I still have to get used to the "new" shoppipng system.

On 8.8.2009 13:52 Diogenes wrote:
I'm slowly advancing in DLev and CLev. Found ~Galadriel off a unique monster; otherwise no special items. The Xbow of Power gives a rally good damage to my bolts.

On 9.8.2009 22:09 Diogenes wrote:
Many changes: I got a pair of boots of Speed +6 before Dlev 20, a defender weapon was just lying around

On 9.8.2009 22:11 Diogenes wrote:
(continued) Dlev 17, and a novice warrior handed me a robe of Permanence... this is one of the more promising characters I've played yet.

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