The Angband Ladder: Biini, Half-Troll Priest by <>

Posted on 31.12.2002 14:45
Last updated on 28.4.2003 10:22

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464. on the Ladder (of 18816)
69. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)


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On 31.12.2002 14:45 wrote:
Maybe my first *band winner :)

On 31.12.2002 15:00 wrote:
Whoa! This is one hell of strong looking char. Two elvenrings? Ringil? Thorin? And if I calculate correct, speed +30, 3! immunities and all high resistances coved. Keep going, remember to teleport away from trouble.

On 10.1.2003 10:53 wrote:
Heh, I haven't been playing for a while because it has been such a hurry in work & personal. But this weekend I will dive few hundred feets closer to Morgy. Btw. the permanent speed atm is +33, still looking for a boots of feanor.. :)

On 31.1.2003 22:09 wrote:
30M milestone.. still looking for a decent armor and boots (read:feanor's). Also I need a ton of ?oMassBanishments

On 8.2.2003 20:24 wrote:
I'm closing Saruman and Morgy. Currently at '4850. Still no good boots or armous. I also need more ?oMassBanishments, and more seeker arrows of slay evil.

On 28.4.2003 10:24 wrote:
Just found 'soulkeeper', but it's soooo heavy. Where are all
?oMassBanishments ?? Haven't found any in such a loooong time..

On 28.4.2003 14:04 wrote:
God damit. You have higher score than my h-T Priest. May you not find ?o(mass)Banishment. :)= If you happend to find BoS then you can swap ringil to something .. If you happen to find something useful, or swap cubragol to haradrim and shoot morgoth dead. Don't get greedy, in order to avoid YASP.

On 29.4.2003 03:50 wrote:
Shouldn't Sea of Runes still work? Make sea to prevent summonings, quaff !oSpeed, shoot Morgoth with Haradrim should kill him real quick.

On 14.7.2003 20:34 wrote:
That's a ranger tactic. A Priest would do better using OoD, or maybe dispel evil though that probably doesn't do enough damage (never played a high-level priest).

I must say IU'm glad to see some variety among all the high elves and the rangers and the warriors. Half-troll priest ... you must SUCK at disarming traps ;o)

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