The Angband Ladder: Quill, High-Elf Rogue by Sirridan

Posted on 23.6.2009 03:51

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On 23.6.2009 03:51 Sirridan wrote:
Amazing. The kit on this guy has just been amazing. Found a +2/+1 maul of acid early on, that was used until I found a flail of acid, a little lighter with a 2 point drop in damage or so so I took it. Found a ring of str +5, gave me 2 attacks. Kept going, bought westernesse from the store for the para and a resistance armor for the 4 so I was covered. Later on down the line, Gurthang drops and I get Rpoison and a very heavy hitting weapon. Also found a light crossbow of extra shots, so I'm rocking now. Perma light from my lantern. I have good escapes, no blindness, and 4 resists + RPOISON FOR ONCE.

I AM NOT AFRAID OF YOU AIR HOUNDS. No more "It breathes Gas, you die" for me!

Need some bolts and I'll drop down as low as I feel comfrotable going, probably 60's, any advice on depth?

On 23.6.2009 21:46 Sirridan wrote:
My best character so far ever without cheating, dies to a skull druj in a lesser vault (or was it a pseudo vault?)

Anyway, will try again later, must not give up until I have a winner!

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