The Angband Ladder: Inyare X, the Tribesman, Forge Giant Warrior by VRBones

Posted on 15.6.2009 23:51
Last updated on 28.6.2009 05:53

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3. on the Competition No.70 Ladder (of 23)


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On 15.6.2009 23:51 VRBones wrote:
Attempt at duckdiving through the marshes

On 16.6.2009 18:46 Bandobras wrote:
Seems quite successful. Who said Un is hard?

On 28.6.2009 05:53 VRBones wrote:
Found an early map to the crystal caverns and dived down hard to find something interesting. No arts, but a stack of rods and minor egos.

Flitted between weathertop and isengard for a bit of fun and then went back to clean up some of the other ares once I found a stair location rod.

Spent lots of time on edge, and the turns still seemed to fly by (especially in the ice caverns?). After a while I realised that resting is counted as player turns, whereas traveling isn't, so I'm contemplating rerolling for a faster start. I haven't been this far into the game before though, so I might just plod along and see if I can learn something about the guardians for the next run.

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