The Angband Ladder: Karl, British Naturalist by thapper

Posted on 6.5.2009 22:32
Last updated on 7.5.2009 23:08

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6. on the Competition No.68 Ladder (of 14)


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On 6.5.2009 22:32 thapper wrote:
Another attempt that has survived for a while. I'm mostly running away from stuff but I'm still having fun.

On 7.5.2009 23:08 thapper wrote:
I found my first artifact in "le loup" and with that extra blow my melee suddenly got useful. By now I have three blows and things are going along fine.

On 8.5.2009 22:01 thapper wrote:
And now I'm dead. I made it up to 25 but forgot to dump my dead character (!?)

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