The Angband Ladder: Charles V, British Naturalist by Roch

Posted on 6.5.2009 19:42
Last updated on 14.5.2009 13:16

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On 6.5.2009 19:42 Roch wrote:
Keep forgetting to change the name.

On 6.5.2009 20:51 Roch wrote:
On that amulet of the magi -- res conf, res blind, FA, SI, plus a nice spell point boost.

My strategy so far is to dive, er, surface fast (up to level 30) to gain equipment and levels, then I climbed back up from 50 to go after the lower level uniques that I couldn't handle early on. The payoff has been a little disappointing though as the drops are still scanty from uniques. Having a lot of fun with this variant though -- kudos to the creator.l

On 8.5.2009 08:21 Roch wrote:
Lot. 249 finally met his maker, and Arnold Poole as well. Those two had been chasing me for days! I have a bunch of research cooking, so things are getting very interesting. My scorpion tail mutation has been a nice asset. Feeling good about clearing small vaults in the 40's and lower 30's.

On 14.5.2009 11:19 Roch wrote:
Still going, got some nice finds but not sure about the final battle. Really enjoying the game.

On 14.5.2009 13:16 Roch wrote:
Level 2 is pretty hairy -- I ran from Moreau but teleporting took me into more trouble. Hat's off to Cave Man on this one. Very impressive win.

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