The Angband Ladder: Charles, British Naturalist by Cave Man

Posted on 4.5.2009 11:48
Last updated on 8.5.2009 12:41

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On 4.5.2009 11:48 Cave Man wrote:
[Clvl 27, Dlvl 17, turn 99600] Never played steam before. This is effort no 3, where the first two were largely used to get familiar with the game, particularly the skills system. Both early editions are still alive, but abandoned owing to what I now consider to be "broken" skill sets. I think I now have this aspect about right, although comments would be welcome. This edition of Charles has suffered owing to a glitch in the skills mechanic that punishes you for what should be good luck - I quaff tested a potion on lvl 45 (I have use-tested pretty much everything to date, and this has been the source of virtually all my experience) - and it turned out to be Muscle, so I instantly gained about 10 lvls. This messed up my ability to open up the athletics branch at a lower level, so now I'll only get burst of speed at lvl30, instead of lvl24. Very irritating. Nonetheless, I think this guy is starting to develop nicely. We'll see.

On 4.5.2009 13:14 Cave Man wrote:
[Clvl 31, Dlvl 17, turn 114 000] Progressing nicely. Very happy with the armor and cloak upgrade (steamer trunk). Now I need something to fill the freed-up ring slotÖ

On 4.5.2009 15:21 Donald Jonker wrote:
How is the elemental skill working out? I've been ambivalent about it on account of the fail rate so I'm curious about how it effective it is at at high skill/character levels. How about water lore?

On 8.5.2009 08:43 Cave Man wrote:
Water law provides "rushing water", which isn't very good for killing stuff, but it does blast them out the way, a bit like "rift" in older versions of V. Its exceptionally useful, and sees frequent use, especially for looting vaults. As to water law, I'm pretty sure its the best option, especially for a comp, as it boosts regen, which is also extremely helpful.

On 8.5.2009 08:57 Cave Man wrote:
[Clvl 43, Dlvl 6, turn 204591] I think Charles is getting close to being ready, but I donít have the experience of the final bosses to know exactly what I need (with respect to both weapons and resources) although I presume my (hasted) speed of +43 will be more than adequate. I must admit to being very confused about weapon options. Akís axe looks great on paper, but at least half the monsters I meet resist edged weapons. But then the coverage of blunt and piercing weapons doesnít seem to be much better. I dislike carrying lots of swop items, but it seems Iím Steam requires it.

On 8.5.2009 09:27 Nick wrote:
I think you're probably ready. One thing - don't hang around on the last few levels. The monsters on them are typically more dangerous than the final bosses (or at least, that was the case in 0.4.0).

On 8.5.2009 10:21 Cave Man wrote:
Thanks Nick. Charles no two, essentially a test drone, power-climbed to the last few levels, so I know exactly what you mean. One of the reasons he was abandoned was being forced to walk up from then on, as recall was just too dangerous (and there doesn't seem to be any way to reset it).

Is my perception that I need a piercing weapon for Fu correct, or should I stick with the axe?

On 8.5.2009 12:41 Cave Man wrote:
[Clvl 43, relaxing on the deck of the Beagle, turns 207761] Decided to take Nick's advice that I was ready, and just "dive" up to test my skills against Moreau. Killed him in 4 rounds of melee, using the lunar spear. Lord of the Forest alowed me to ignore his summons (tigermen) until he was dead. He dropped some (useless) obsidian throwing hammers. Encouraged by my success, I immediately took the stairs to level 1. Continued to use the spear. Fu was a bit trickier than Moreau, cloning himself, and "blinking" me off my rune a few times, but the fight was still very straight forward. He also dropped nothing of consequence. I used no resources at all.

Fun variant, but I still haven't managed to figure out weapon damage, in terms of dice vs force vs slays vs weight/blows vs blunt/edged/pierce resistance. That said, this didn't really affect my ability to play; I just like to know these things.

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