The Angband Ladder: Charles, British Naturalist by Roch

Posted on 23.4.2009 23:10
Last updated on 6.5.2009 10:02

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5. on the Competition No.68 Ladder (of 14)


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On 23.4.2009 23:10 Roch wrote:
Beware the Morlock Hunter.

On 24.4.2009 02:46 wrote:
you were doing quite well

On 24.4.2009 02:49 Roch wrote:
Beware Solarion the beautiful and battery hens.

On 24.4.2009 11:07 Roch wrote:
Getting a little better . . . just snuffed Spring-Heeled Jack with help from my pet saber-toothed tiger.

On 24.4.2009 11:08 Roch wrote:
I can't seem to save these as distinct characters (I'm not save-scumming).

On 24.4.2009 11:10 Roch wrote:
And it doesn't seem to be recording my turncount and max depth.

On 24.4.2009 15:08 Daniel Fishman wrote:
You'll need to change the character's name (C for character screen, c to change name) to get seperate ladder entries.

On 6.5.2009 10:02 Roch wrote:
Going well; not worrying about turns so much as staying alive and finding stuff. The amulet of the magi rocks. And the mace of poison seems to be doing better than the small sword of exigency.

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