The Angband Ladder: Eomer IV, Human Warrior by Kadoles

Posted on 24.3.2009 18:13
Last updated on 27.3.2009 14:02

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9. on the Competition No.66 Ladder (of 20)


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On 27.3.2009 12:46 Kadoles wrote:
As far as the time clock goes, i generally forget to exit the game when I'm home. plus all the time i take comparing items and trying to decide what i should be wearing... But its the farthest i've ever been in any variant of the game.

On 27.3.2009 12:48 Kadoles wrote:
my crossbow is also pretty cool, activates for heal 1000 every 888 turns and gives warning.

On 27.3.2009 14:02 Kadoles wrote:
First win ever. I think this is a major accomplishment in my life. If it was in V, i think i would put it on my resume...

On 27.3.2009 14:06 Kadoles wrote:
the items in inventory are Morgoths drop. not as impressive as I thought they would be...

the only uniques left are: the bill the troll and Ugoiliant.

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