The Angband Ladder: Shooter, High-Elf Ranger by Zane314

Posted on 27.2.2009 12:50
Last updated on 27.2.2009 19:20

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10522. on the Ladder (of 18813)
4239. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 27.2.2009 12:50 Zane314 wrote:
Revision 1278, my first decent try on 3.1.

Really feeling the lack of stat potions- I recently found my very first !Strength.

Inspired by PowerDiver, I've taken to diving through the opening- first trips generally take me to 600' and second trips take me to 1200'. This guy didn't get any artifacts until 1900', but with boots of speed +8 (and these upgraded my boots of speed +4), I wasn't complaining _too_ loudly.

I dove down to 3400', but got a bit nervous seeing all the Great Wyrms without more Con/Exp/Str (in roughly that priority).

Recently I've taken to WoRing down to 3100' and looking for orc/troll pits to kill- the trolls still give me nice exp, and every once in a while I get a decent drop.

On 27.2.2009 12:56 Zane314 wrote:
Huh. I really need to figure out how to chardump the right way. This character isn't dead, I just couldn't be bothered to figure out the right way to chardump so I copied the savefile to dump him that way. I don't savescum for anything other than dumping.

On 27.2.2009 13:38 Daniel Fishman wrote:
C (character screen) then f (to file) to get a character dump in-game. (At least, that's what it is in every other variant - V3.1 is misbehaving atm for me so can't confirm 100%).

On 27.2.2009 19:20 Zane314 wrote:
On suggestion from a friend, dumped the character the right way, and with an alternate equipment set.

Swapped out Aglarang, Ring of Lit, Cammithrim, and Elvenkind armor for String, Ring of Con+5, Gloves of Power (Str+5), and Thalkettoth. Gives me an additional 120 hp at the cost of ~70 dam/round (212 with Aglarang compared to 143 with Sting, although Sting does better against resistant critters) and 20 max mp.

Still, hp's worth a lot at this point.

On 28.5.2014 00:59 Zane314 wrote:
I don't know what ended up happening to this guy, dump is lost to time. I think my computer died or something? Ah, well.

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