The Angband Ladder: Splinter, Ent Rogue by Psi

Posted on 23.2.2009 20:14
Last updated on 3.3.2009 07:51

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On 23.2.2009 20:16 Psi wrote:
Accidentally overwrote my Amon Rudh recall point which cost me tens of thousands of turns to reestablish. Very frustrating!

However Mim is down and Angband approaches...

On 24.2.2009 20:22 Psi wrote:
Around DL90 is absolutely hideous with disconnected stairs and autoscum. Far too many Aether and Tindalos hounds causing me to flee the level. I'll either go shallower or turn off autoscum (are we allowing that in this comp?).

I found a 3d10 randart whip which was quite entertaining - sadly without a brand or slay it doesn't come near my existing weapons.

On 25.2.2009 11:27 Psi wrote:
Didn't realise it was Wiruin until I was dead. I'd just ignored the first breathes frost message assuming a cold vortex or something (should have checked my HP or at least registered the instakill of the vrock) and the second one killed me.

On 25.2.2009 11:53 Nick wrote:
You got to find out what the helm was before you died though. And you found Boldog - maybe it's too common ;)

On 25.2.2009 12:15 Psi wrote:
Yeah if the RNG had really been paying attention, it should have been Dor-Lomin. That would have been even more gutting.

That was such a sloppy game. I got what I deserved.

On 3.3.2009 07:53 Nick wrote:
Ha! Now it's on!

On 3.3.2009 07:53 Psi wrote:
Oops. Forgot to change the name - hence the comments from my previous char.

On 3.3.2009 10:08 Psi wrote:
Quick summary...

1. Recalled to Amon Rudh and ?TL'd to the surface to head straight to Gondolin.

2. Hung around Gondolin for a while to raise cash for ?TL before setting off for Angband

3. Got into trouble a few times on the way (obviously) and ?TLd where necessary. Got really lucky on one of those when finding Maedhros on a mountaintop. +3 speed was a real bonus at that point.

4. Reached Anf58 just after daybreak and scavenged until nightfall.

5. Recalled back to Gondolin... oh wait I'm not in Gondolin... AAAARGGGHHHH I forgot to move house!

6. Recalled to Amon Rudh and ?TL'd deeper this time (darn). Took out a player ghost and then found a shaft up. Made my way to Gondolin again (setting a recall point at Ephel Brandir) and found Firestar on the way.

7. Moved home to Gondolin this time and stashed Firestar for later.

8. Recalled back to Anf58 and scavenged until nightfall and then until my _DetectObjects ran out.

9. Recalled to Gondolin and then to AR16. I dove as quick as I could to take out Mim and gain Mana Burn.

10. Recalled to Anf58 for more scavenging. I found Carlammas which enabled me to complete the Holy Fire set. Woohoo! I kept going until I found a =Warfare(+3) which took me to +10 speed.

11. Just shy of 107k turns I decided I had to begin the descent. At this point I was not sure I could even get to the bottom by Evariste's turncount.

12. I basically went down as quick as I could. Took out a few uniques and raided a few vaults including a bubble vault at Ang96 which enabled me to raise my speed to +17.

13. At about 127k turns, I realised time was not on my side. I had about 16 !Healing from the Black Market and 1 !*Healing* that I had found. I had not found !Life, ?RoP, =Speed or taken on a single pit - hence only being CL41. I recalled to town and then Ephel Brandir and bought out the merchants for one !Healing and one !*Healing*. There was no !Heroism available in either town.

14. Recalled to Ang99 and took the stairs down for what I assumed would be a glorious failure. Morgoth summoned Guardians and I banished them (and was then regretting my change to make all Guardians track you down like Morgoth - but I never did see any of them again!). It did not look good when with most of my rods, wands and staves drained, I'd only knocked one star off Morgoth (which he then regenerated again!). Thankfully I had burnt off a lot of his mana though and at this point the battle started to swing. Gradually I started to work my way though his HP and with no more spells being cast, !Healing was usually enough to keep me going. There was one really scary moment when with my Int dwindling with every hit, I failed to cast Phase Door when on about 230HP but Morgoth only knocked me down to 100HP instead of finishing me off as I expected. But as I got him down to two stars, one of his earthquake attacks suddenly opened a route for Feagwath to enter the fray. With very low rElec and no more charges on _BE or -TA I knew I could not survive if he got LoS on me. Thankfully I dealt the final blow to Morgoth with Feagwath just two or three squares away... phew.

Forgetting to move home cost me about 10k turns, so there is still room for someone else to sneak in...

On 3.3.2009 17:46 evariste wrote:
This means war! You may consider my most recent character in the main ladder to be retaliation for this...

On 3.3.2009 18:35 Psi wrote:
Ha! I don't whether I should be working at improving this turncount or trying to take back my thrall record!

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