The Angband Ladder: Agamemnon, Half-Titan High-Mage by RogerN

Posted on 27.1.2009 23:53

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On 27.1.2009 23:53 RogerN wrote:
I was hanging out around dl99 forever, trying to find =Speed. No luck, unfortunately... and to top it off, when I killed Brand he didn't drop his crossbow like he normally does. I finally got bored searching for more speed, so I went ahead and challenged the Serpent. No close calls in the final fight.

I did have one *very* close call immediately prior to fighting the Serpent. I killed Benedict and landed the final blow with over 600 HP. He hit me with a blood curse (naturally), and the resulting summons took me down to 26 HP before I got another move. Ouch.

On 28.1.2009 01:11 Daniel Fishman wrote:
Why so many spell slots left open?

On 28.1.2009 04:44 RogerN wrote:
I just didn't ever use the remaining spells. At first I only learned spells sparingly, thinking that I would save spell slots for later specialization. I did specialize a few spells, in fact. I just never got around to specializing as many as I thought I would.

I also hadn't anticipated beating the Serpent at such a low character level, which limits your specialization of high-level spells.

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