The Angband Ladder: Elen, Kobold Rogue by cwhit

Posted on 21.1.2009 03:00
Last updated on 21.1.2009 21:52

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31. on the Competition No.63 Ladder (of 45)


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On 21.1.2009 03:00 wrote:
First time on a comp. Managed to find str ring in black market to be able to wield defender lance for resists and see invis.

On 21.1.2009 21:52 cwhit wrote:
Is this a bug. I got a very good feeling and then found Resistances of Scara, Raal's Tome, and Kelek's Grimoire all on the same level.

On 21.1.2009 22:39 Nick wrote:
If it's a bug, I want it.

On 22.1.2009 06:42 Pete Mack wrote:
Too bad that Raal and Kelek are useless for a Rogue. They do sell for big bucks, though, and Scarabtrices is a great find early. (The books you need are Scarabtrices, Mordy's, and Tenser's.)

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