The Angband Ladder: Baldur, Dunadan Rogue by Big Al

Posted on 6.1.2009 21:15
Last updated on 9.12.2010 05:49

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11098. on the Ladder (of 18813)
4398. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
Third best for this player (out of 7)


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On 6.1.2009 21:29 Big Al wrote:
I wanted to try Comp 62, but also wanted to keep play-testing the new vanilla 3.1, so I cheated and made a PDSM to start with.

Lots and lots of artifacts around (I forgot to turn on preserve mode from the last time I played - I probably lost three or four but managed to snag most of them). Holhenneth was extremely useful for detection. No speed.

I should have teleported away but underestimated the strength of a Great crystal drake, having never met one before. Still, playing it was quite a learning experience. Let's hope I'm not going to be too overconfident without a PDSM in the future.

On 9.12.2010 05:54 Big Al wrote:
Oops - accidentally overwrote an old character so ignore above comments.

First time playing a in year or so... I dove down quickly to DL 40, found I couldn't kill anything there, backed up to DL 30, bum around for a while, looking for low level uniques and stat potions. Wasted a bunch of turns. Found a string of artifacts in a row and so I jumped back down again.

My main worry is HP - had to teleport other a sleeping drolem that I'm sure could have killed me if it woke up. Just look for more CON potions, I guess?

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