The Angband Ladder: Lucky IV, Dwarf Warrior by starstealer

Posted on 3.1.2009 09:02
Last updated on 9.1.2009 07:06

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9. on the Competition No.62 Ladder (of 63)


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On 3.1.2009 09:02 starstealer wrote:
Well this one wasn't going too impressively - but at least he was living.

All of a sudden though - I now have an early pair of speed boots - +10 even! Ufthak was the donator - and I thanked him quickly after I put on my new Air Jordans :)

On 4.1.2009 07:46 starstealer wrote:
Just a couple of levels played - replaced my flame brand for a defender to get the SI which has been a big problem lately. I know the =FA is extraneous for now - but haven't found a new replacement yet.

On 6.1.2009 07:42 starstealer wrote:
Played a little further - mostly killing uniques on my way down - haven't really found anything interesting though.

On 7.1.2009 06:03 starstealer wrote:
Such solid progress. Slay dragon bolts and the heavy crossbow of power = Ancient dragon meat for me. AMHD, Great crystal drake - mince meat... Just up to 3 attacks with the weapon - though I wish I had more artifacts to work with...

On 9.1.2009 07:06 starstealer wrote:
Well - he lasted all of 5 moves after I started playing. Forgot that I saved right next to Gorlim after killing smaug...

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