The Angband Ladder: Lucky Meister II, Dwarf Warrior by Phoenix21692

Posted on 28.12.2008 21:02
Last updated on 28.12.2008 23:25

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16. on the Competition No.62 Ladder (of 63)


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On 28.12.2008 21:02 Phoenix21692 wrote:
This is definitely one of my better Lucky characters. I'm doing a little better with max experience per turn efficiency. Thanks to the two Rings of Damage, I'm almost unstoppable.

On 28.12.2008 21:31 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Just got my hands on the Phial of Galadriel and the Small Metal Shield of Thorin at dungeon level 38. Kick ass!

On 28.12.2008 21:39 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Just picked up the Steel Helm of Hammerhand at 2000ft (dungeon level 40). Woohoo!

On 28.12.2008 22:02 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Updated again.

On 28.12.2008 22:12 Phoenix21692 wrote:
I just gained another level. Things are looking really good now. To name a few, I killed an Ancient Gold Dragon and several Vrocks without too much difficulty.

On 28.12.2008 23:06 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Whew. I'm alive and still going strong...

On 28.12.2008 23:25 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Not again. Got killed by Kavlax, and that lightning breath hit hard. There was no real way out of this. I had only scrolls of phase door and that was it.

On 28.12.2008 23:29 Phoenix21692 wrote:
Wait a minute. I had a scroll of *Destruction* in the inventory and I didn't realize it. If I had known better, I would have used it right away. >:(

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