The Angband Ladder: Ulkair, Dark-Elf Assassin by Satyr

Posted on 16.12.2008 23:15
Last updated on 17.12.2008 20:38

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253. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
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On 16.12.2008 23:15 Satyr wrote:
I almost abandoned this game after my stats got scrambled horribly by nexus hounds. But with some strength boosting gear and a few stat potions later things don't look that bad anymore. Currently I'm clearing wilderniss vaults in the Sirion Vale. Great fun with this rogue who can sneak in and out unnoticed most of the time.

On 17.12.2008 20:38 Satyr wrote:
That hurt! Down from full hps by three chaos balls in a row. Damn casters ...

On 17.12.2008 23:14 pndrev wrote:
Ouch. Dying from full HP always is traumatising, especially if you can't even act between enemy attacks.

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