The Angband Ladder: Sorcey, Gnome Sorceror by <>

Posted on 10.12.2002 13:39
Last updated on 9.11.2003 15:24

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On 10.12.2002 13:39 wrote:
Trying another sorceror. It would nice if I had some more hit points, so I am taking it easy at this point. Must...fight...impatience! I am saving up all of these points waiting for fumblefingers to teach me symbiosis since I could use the extra hit point help. Instead he offers to teach a sorceror the ways of combat. Makes me wonder why I bother getting the sword back for him, especially since he will just lose it again. What a sad sack. :)

On 31.1.2003 05:08 wrote:
I guess I should have upped the hit points before going to Mordor. My overconfidence was my weakness.

On 9.11.2003 15:26 wrote:
Looks like I erased an older file. Ah, well, this one is more interesting. Died in the forgotten crypt because I forgot to use my disruption shield as I was waiting to recall. QLzzlfjdslafj the Unique Q is nasty in a no-teleport zone.

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