The Angband Ladder: Aaron2, High-Elf Warrior by Donald Jonker

Posted on 24.10.2008 15:09
Last updated on 28.10.2008 19:00

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8364. on the Ladder (of 18816)
3525. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
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On 24.10.2008 15:19 Donald Jonker wrote:
[29, 1950']

This one's been a wild ride. I got down to 1600 in four trips and then began getting pwnd by water hounds ambushes and the like, which did so much damage to my kit that I couldn't afford to keep buy _tele, &c. to keep up with it. Must've been the autoscummer. So I did a quick dive to 500', recalled, and apparently reset the recall (attn:Eddie - I'm pretty sure it did it without asking). So a longish trip back down.

Got some pretty nice kit - tulwar of Gondolin gives ESP (hmm... that should show up in the descrip. since it's "splendid") and Isildur is very nice. Still need rPois. This is my big return to warriors after an interesting but largely unsuccessful foray into priests, so I may take this one slow. Having a warrior at 1950' with a decent kit is lots of fun.

On 24.10.2008 21:18 PowerDiver wrote:
There is a bug in ef3 that when the item is identified, is is no longer considered "safe to wield" for the purpose of deciding whether to check to describe ESP etc. :(

On 24.10.2008 22:55 Donald Jonker wrote:
[31, 2300]
I never have the patience for stat gain... Decided to keep diving. Been very lucky with pots of CON, and got Anduril from a troll pit :D making it the best weapon I've ever had the pleasure of... So now the question is: Anduril or Gondolin{ESP}? If I carry Gondolin as a swap, can it be destroyed in any way?

On 25.10.2008 01:04 PowerDiver wrote:
The combination of ignore acid and ignore fire protects weapons in your pack. If you drop the Gondolin on the ground, it could be destroyed in several ways.

On 26.10.2008 00:55 Donald Jonker wrote:
[33, 3150']
Been swapping Gondolin and Anduril to great destructive effect :). But alas, as I was about to recall, I unthinkingly read an unid'd scroll which transformed Isildur into an empty shell...*sob*. I was very tempted to suicide on several levels. I'm going to keep the shell in my home to serve as a reminder.

So the big problems right now are lack of rConf and higher resists. My standard kit keeps me supplied enough, I think, to escape from nearly anything... but I'm worried about getting confused and teleporting around into successively more hostile areas. It's happened to me before... so I really really want some rConf.

Otherwise, continuing to dip into the unknown.. the deepest I've ever been...

On 26.10.2008 02:19 Donald Jonker wrote:
[33, 3250']
I'm not sure how to proceed equipment-wise. My first instinct is to keep what I have equipped, but are either the Scythe of Slicing (Westernesse) or Thalkettoth (speed +3) worth considering? I don't have any permanent speed at the moment...

On 26.10.2008 18:12 PowerDiver wrote:
I don't see much point to the westernesse. You can get 2 out of con+3, speed+3, and rPoison. I don't think there is a clear choice. One advantage of staying as you are is that if you find a great new ring you could toss con+3 to put it on and not lose a slot.

On 26.10.2008 21:22 Donald Jonker wrote:
[34, 4400']
Well I'm deeper... the terror is sinking in. Don't really have a superb kit... a lack of rConf and rBlind worries me more and more. I'm assuming that a +7 =speed and =rPois is better than extra con. What can I kill at this point?

On 26.10.2008 21:22 Donald Jonker wrote:
PS - Thanks for the ongoing advice, Eddie.

On 27.10.2008 13:10 Donald Jonker wrote:
[36, 4800']
Getting on nicely. Took out Saruman, Kavlax, and a couple ringwraiths without any trouble, netting me some nice kit - especially a crown of lordliness, so I no longer have to swap in gondolin.

A greater ice wyrm was a different story... I guess I should start carrying !rCold and !rFire.

I think my best weapon is still Anduril, but maybe Til-i-Arc is worth considering? Or perhaps Sting?

On 27.10.2008 15:15 awldune wrote:
I would absolutely carry Gurthang as a swap for taking on dragons.

On 27.10.2008 19:35 PowerDiver wrote:
Til-I-Arc is dumpable. You need a bigger damage bonus to use Sting effectively. Agressively go after any shots you detect. Branded ammo with that sling would be amazing.

On 28.10.2008 19:03 Donald Jonker wrote:
Was surprised by a double corridor filled with plasma hounds. One step into their LOS did me in. I ought to have detected them via ESP... maybe I should adjust my disturbance options. This char has been an education nonetheless.

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