The Angband Ladder: Desser, Dwarf Priest by Narvius

Posted on 11.9.2008 21:15
Last updated on 12.9.2008 18:25

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10784. on the Ladder (of 18816)
4320. on the Angband Ladder (of 6402)
8. for this player (out of 30)


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On 11.9.2008 21:15 Narvius wrote:

On 11.9.2008 21:59 PowerDiver wrote:
It's sad, but you would be better off selling the weapon and buying/enchanting a +9 longbow. You really want one of the egos with FA or a wis bonus until you start picking up nice artifact weapons.

On 11.9.2008 22:05 Pete Mack wrote:
Yup, eddie's right, although I would keep the weapon for killing trolls & orcs for stat potions. But you do need a longbow for taking out major targets.

On 11.9.2008 22:37 Narvius wrote:
I use OoD when MP > 8 and then Portal. If it fails, _Teleport.
That makes a longbow unnecessary.

On 12.9.2008 07:18 will_asher wrote:
I wouldn't ignore the advice of two of the most experienced Angband players.

On 12.9.2008 08:32 Nick wrote:
Or else do whatever you feel like. Those guys are nothing much :)

On 12.9.2008 16:43 Narvius wrote:
Despite not being the highest-level one, Desser is already my best char.
Several artifact finds (most sold - Barukkheled, Osondir, Nimthanc).
2 Rods of Teleport Other.
And - I'm very happy about that one - Godly Insights. I'll have Clairvoyance soon!

On 12.9.2008 18:25 Narvius wrote:
I was about to get Holy Infusions, and that Ancient Multi-Hued one one-breath killed me... I didn't knew he was *so* strong. I could've TO'ed him, damn.

On 15.9.2008 22:04 Pete Mack wrote:
you really don't want to use escapes as a way to recover mana in combat. What happens when you come down in a bunch of gravity hounds, low on up and bingo mana? Use Orb to soften stuff up and finish them off with a longbow. Try to minimize use of blind teleportation.

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