The Angband Ladder: Nomed, Human Demonologist by budswell

Posted on 20.8.2008 16:03

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On 20.8.2008 19:53 Elliott wrote:
You've probably already figured this out, but you weren't ready for the King of the Wights. In case you didn't already know, your next quest at that point is determined (95% of the time) by whether you have more points in Combat or Magic skill when you take the quest.

The Wight boss and the two emperors flanking him can cast netherballs that can do quite a bit of damage. rNether is kind of a must, and you need more health as well.

You probably would have done better against the Ogre quest (the combat quest. Wight King is the Magic quest), but I'm still not sure you were ready yet. Lots of attacks and ok damage, but needed to be higher level, really.

On 19.2.2009 06:07 budswell wrote:
Thanks mate. A lot of the time I get bored and so decide to "see what that's like". I have only finished the Wight quest once, and that was as a summoner. Swapped in a spectral weapon to hide in the mountains, and then just bring on the 3 header hydras until the land in the right spot and do the business. Otherwise have found it very tough.

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