The Angband Ladder: A, Druadan Priest by evariste

Posted on 20.5.2008 06:03
Last updated on 21.5.2008 07:19

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4699. on the Ladder (of 18813)
72. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
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On 20.5.2008 06:08 evariste wrote:
I just cleaned out the dragon level -- the fifth dragon I killed gave me my new ring, which helped a lot.

On 21.5.2008 01:18 evariste wrote:
Still no good gloves/boots...

On 21.5.2008 03:50 evariste wrote:
I just cleaned out a GCV and found Aule and Ringil! I'm nearly ready for Morgoth (melee with Aule, probably?), but more consumables would be useful.

On 21.5.2008 07:19 evariste wrote:
Morgoth died rather quickly once I found Deathwreaker. Are the good weapons (Deathwreaker, Aule, Ringil) more common in FA, or was I just very lucky?

On 21.5.2008 09:25 Nick wrote:
You were lucky - I don't think I've ever seen anyone find Deathwreaker before. And I haven't changed depths or rarities for any of those, or dungeon generation, from Oangband 070.

Congratulations - that's an impressive win.

On 21.5.2008 10:21 Psi wrote:
I've found Deathwreaker once before (maybe twice), but comparing the damage output given the reduced blows it was not worth swapping it in for the weapon I had at the time. Ringil turns up every so often, probably more so than Aule(!) - but I'll often have winning games when I don't see any of the three of them, so finding them all is quite extraordinary - especially in such a low turncount! Congrats!

Out of interest did you just melee Morgoth from a glyph or something or were you using a lot of spells etc? Did he drain your stats a lot (I can't tell from the dump how many sustains you had)?

Also interesting that you didn't really use your recall points or keep Ephel Brandir on the list for the travelling merchant - that's hardcore play!

Were you looking for GCVs or did you get lucky with them?

Congrats again!


On 21.5.2008 17:49 evariste wrote:
I didn't realize that standing on glyphs worked in FA (I'm used to them only stopping summoning/movement, not attacking), so I didn't use them - that would have made things even easier. As it was, my stats got drained by a bit several times (I unfortunately didn't have sustain wisdom or constitution), but that was easily fixed while waiting for Morgoth to come back after using Banishing on summons.

I'm not very familiar with FA (this was my first character to get very far), so I used the wilderness (and the multiple recall points) as little as possible after initially leveling up enough to go to Amon Rudh.

I guess I got lucky. I really just went straight down and saw each level only once (except occasionally recalling or casting Alter Reality when getting to the down stairs was annoying). Clairvoyance meant that I wasn't going to miss any good vaults in the late game, and there were 2 GCVs (levels 89 and 99) and one bubble vault (level 91). Deathwreaker was not in the same vault as Aule and Ringil (I think I recalled and then found it in another greater vault on level 89).

On 22.5.2008 17:55 Psi wrote:
Cool! If you only saw each level once, it sounds like you are in good shape for an ironman game next....

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