The Angband Ladder: Brungred, RohanKnight Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 9.5.2008 12:03
Last updated on 2.7.2008 11:00

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On 9.5.2008 12:03 wrote:
Chugging right along. Glaurung was nice enough to drop the one. Sweet!

On 9.5.2008 15:57 Fede wrote:
Nice! I see you also killed Feagwath; how many of the 10%-chance guardians did you kill before Glaurung?

On 9.5.2008 20:25 wrote:
I believe just the Watcher. Many thanks to Feagwath for giving up Doomcaller, though I haven't had much time yet to give it much action.

On 9.5.2008 20:30 Fede wrote:
Doomcaller is a guaranteed drop from Feagwath, and yeah, even if he doesn't give up the Ring it's often worth to go and kill him for melee chars.

No luck with Nazgul rings yet?

On 9.5.2008 20:40 wrote:
So much to learn about the game! Thanks for the info about Feagwath/Doomcaller. I've only seen a couple of Nazgul rings, but they weren't too impressive. I guess I'm avoiding the nine to some extent even though I carry the Westernesse broad sword with res_morgul as a swap. Do you think it's worth going after Nazgul rings?

On 9.5.2008 21:09 Fede wrote:
Yes, I think it's worth especially if you kill the non-summoning Nazguls (I don't remember their names, Lord Dimwit's guide should have them) ;)

I do like their rings, especially when they increase the attack speed; other times they also grant high resists.

By the way, why is Manwe so upset (piety at -30k)?

On 9.5.2008 21:28 wrote:
That's a great question. I wish I knew. I think I hit a trap relatively early on that kicked me into the negative piety, and it's been dropping fairly consistently ever since. Makes me tempted to just put the ring on and be done with him ;-)

On 9.5.2008 21:30 Fede wrote:

I'm wondering at which amount of piety he starts slowing you down, for it seems at -30k you aren't affected yet. I've never been below -5k so this is new for me.

On 9.5.2008 22:24 wrote:
Maybe Manwe is cheesed because I made it out of the Halls of Mandos.

On 23.5.2008 03:20 wrote:
Next: Mt. Doom.

On 13.6.2008 11:12 wrote:
Update: Found Mormegil, so I'm levelling him up in Angband to see what he turns into. So far so good. Haven't done Mt. Doom yet; thinking of going for Nameless first.

On 18.6.2008 20:41 wrote:
Decided to try Mt. Doom with Flare. Destroyed the ring, saw Sauron on the level, but had to recall out before killing him. Is this character now unwinnable (TOME 2.3.4)?

On 18.6.2008 20:44 Fede wrote:
There is a bugfix by VeryFoobar on the wiki, look at this page's chatter (towards the bottom)

On 18.6.2008 20:46 Fede wrote:
Forgot to say that I've already used the patch in the past so if you have questions feel free to ask.

On 18.6.2008 21:04 wrote:
Wow, thanks a bunch. It's a relief to know that I may still have a shot at my first win.

On 19.6.2008 10:33 wrote:
Back to Angband to look around a bit and found Vilya on the ground in a medium CV.

On 19.6.2008 10:36 wrote:
Oh, and sadly Mormegil just picked up Earthquakes at level 39 :-(

On 2.7.2008 11:00 wrote:
YASD. I went back to Mt. Doom and Sauron was still there (apparently no bug in 2.3.4). On the way I was careless and lost Mormegil and the Anchor of Time to a scatter items trap. I decided to try to get him anyway and had trouble using the RofFlare. I was able to teleport next to him and friends, but not away. Ah well.

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