The Angband Ladder: Psironic, Ent Ranger by Psi

Posted on 8.5.2008 00:21
Last updated on 15.5.2008 19:05

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5040. on the Ladder (of 18807)
87. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
14. for this player (out of 83)

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On 8.5.2008 00:21 Psi wrote:
My best attempt at an ironman char so far. The Complainer donated the stealth boots which were a godsend across the plains. Just found the bow which must be an Ossiriand! I think it has SeeInv unless something else I'm carrying does. Could really do with a _Perception about now and a !ResWis would be nice too!

On 8.5.2008 10:02 Psi wrote:
No, the Ossiriand Bow had plite. Haven't worked out how I could see Quasits yet! Perhaps I'd quaffed a potion? Anyhow I have a ring of SeeInv now.

On 8.5.2008 12:02 Nick wrote:
Hat of Light? Or weapon?

On 8.5.2008 12:15 Psi wrote:
I assume you mean 'of seeing', though having id'd it now I know that it isn't that. Hope it is not the weapon as I ditched it somewhere (Ents don't like polearms).

On 8.5.2008 12:19 Nick wrote:
Yes. Isn't that what I said?

On 8.5.2008 16:55 Seany C wrote:
Good read so far and an interesting challenge. Running out of arrows is going to be a potential risk for a Ranger without town supplies, I'd imagine...

Ps Ent is an interesting race choice - the forest superstealth and stats are nice but I'd be tempted to try a Grey-Elf or Longbeard just for access to the shopping malls of Khazad-Dum or Menegroth... :)

On 8.5.2008 17:17 Psi wrote:
It was done entirely for the superstealth - but gamewise I am now running out of forest levels and I have no idea how I am going to cope with the undead in the deserts! I have nearly 300 arrows saved up but no idea if any of them are ego. One of the main problems is lack of Id and then the very wide filter that weak pseudo gives when I do find it means I waste a lot of charges on plain {good} items.

On 9.5.2008 00:48 HallucinationMushroom@Yahoo.egg wrote:
You ought to be able to fletch arrows off of your body, that would be hardcore.

On 9.5.2008 02:29 Nick wrote:
And grow mushrooms between your toes.

On 9.5.2008 02:32 Nick wrote:
Looking good, btw, but running out of forest...

On 9.5.2008 09:22 Psi wrote:
Yes. Getting very nervous about what lies ahead...

Minor gripe... why doesn't Holhenneth offer rConf in FAA when it does in nearly all other *bands (save O of course!). I can never work out why it is worth so much more than Mablung (I think it should be the other way around!). Detection is nice and would be great when spell radius is based on screen-size rather than a fixed circular detection area, but it doesn't justify the price.

On 9.5.2008 12:53 Nick wrote:
Yes, I probably need to rethink some of the standarts.

On 9.5.2008 22:28 Psi wrote:
Woohoo! Second level of Angband!

On 10.5.2008 23:20 Psi wrote:
Still going... haven't had a chance to update the forum thread though...

On 11.5.2008 22:26 Psi wrote:
The new power ring has a poison cloud activation, but a mysterious hole where rPois would be in the dump (and rElec) - should it have rPois as that would be rather handy?!!

On 12.5.2008 03:28 Nick wrote:
It probably should. What does 'I' say about it?

On 12.5.2008 07:25 Psi wrote:
'I' doesn't mention poison or elec. Wasn't sure if the code forced rPois if it had that activation?

On 12.5.2008 12:14 Nick wrote:
OK, I think I've allowed yet another bug into randart percentage resistance allocation - in fact, you could argue that that ring exemplifies two separate bugs. I am amazed that I've managed to redo those few lines so many times and _still_ get it wrong...

On 12.5.2008 12:19 Psi wrote:
So... do I qualify for a free upgrade to rPois? It would save me a valuable inventory slot!

On 12.5.2008 13:03 Nick wrote:
Hmm. I'll have to think about the ethics of that one. Maybe the current situation should be seen as the definitive universe of FAangband 0.3.4, and any adjustment is in contravention of the natural order.

On the other hand, if you send me your savefile, I'll fix it and send it back.

On 12.5.2008 13:14 Psi wrote:
Wouldn't want to disrupt the natural order (though I do have chaos resist). I'll play this one as the game stands. If by some miracle I do get a win out of this, I'd want it squeaky clean. Man, I can't believe I'm even contemplating an Ironman win...

On 13.5.2008 23:01 Psi wrote:
Thanks Vecna!

On 13.5.2008 23:39 Nick wrote:
Yes, nice hat. Um, what's with your RPoison?

On 14.5.2008 07:23 Psi wrote:
I'm trying to make sure I keep the spell going at all times - otherwise I'm at -25% !

On 14.5.2008 11:32 Nick wrote:

On 15.5.2008 19:05 Psi wrote:
Winner or not?

On 15.5.2008 20:15 roustk wrote:
Looks like it was a close final battle. Rocky II?

On 15.5.2008 22:53 Nick wrote:
Well, Pav seems to have called it a win... I think by any reasonable definition that's a win. In fact, my opinion is that if you kill Morgoth, you win, and whatever happens afterwards is irrelevant to that.

So, congratulations. That is an absolutely awesome win.

On 15.5.2008 23:43 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
Dying after the killing stroke... ah, the glory! It would've been nice to get the cool Fanghorn graphic Nick put in for retired winning Ents, but I like this ending better, it's perfect.

On 31.5.2008 06:38 Garrie wrote:
I quote you: "My best attempt at an ironman char so far"

I dunno how you intend to do better!

On 7.6.2008 20:43 AnonymousHero wrote:
Killing Morgoth and dying in the same turn is just so insanely cool. Congrats! :D

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