The Angband Ladder: Sarah, High-Elf Mage by kandrc

Posted on 11.4.2008 20:42

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6248. on the Ladder (of 18813)
2632. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
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On 11.4.2008 20:42 kandrc wrote:
My first mage winner (and first Ladder post). Usually play rogues or priests. The Ball-and-Chain is the only melee weapon I wielded the entire game. Got it from Bullroarer, my first unique kill, at 2000'. Found Mordenkainen at cl30 and about 2600', then used create doors to go immediately down to 4900. Runes, an anti-summoning corridor and melee took out Sauron at cl41. Hung around 4900-4950 getting fail rates down and improving kit. Rifted Morgoth to death with about 6 Healing, 2 *Healing*, the rod of Healing, Elessar, and about a half dozen Restore Mana potions. He was a real pushover, and I regret that I didn't go for him 2 or 3 clevels earlier.

Had one close call with a Winged Horror's poison breath after a stair climb at about cl43 that left me with less than 20 HP, but otherwise smooth sailing.

On 12.4.2008 11:31 PowerDiver wrote:
Why kill Sauron and then stick around 4900, rather than just improving at 4850'? I've done the same, but does it make any sense?

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