The Angband Ladder: Amnac Lhoquevis, Dark-Elf Sorceror by new.ideas

Posted on 5.3.2008 23:49
Last updated on 6.3.2008 00:47

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On 5.3.2008 23:49 new.ideas wrote:
Today is somewhat my first day in ToME.
I read that Dark-Elf Sorceror are a common and strong Race/Class Combo - anyways I wanted to play a mage.

So as a Sorceror I don't wear any weapons or bows?

I saw very often a Skilling on Spirituality and Necromancy (up to 30 für Undead Form), so I try this, too.

On 6.3.2008 00:47 new.ideas wrote:
He died of the same enemy as the char before. Just use one of these pink portals and stood next to this enemy who killed me in one round.

On 6.3.2008 11:31 Psi wrote:
Sorceror's in ToME are ridiculously powerful. Dark Elves are nice because of the magic bonus, but are physically a little weak. If you don't care about being cheesy at all, I'd suggest the following:

- Take vampiric form for all the bonuses (there is a guaranteed source of rLight in the orc caves)
- level up in the swamp
- Pump sorcery, spell power and thaumaturgy
- Get symbiosis from Fumblefingers and get yourself a pet Q

Regarding weapns, what you want is a magestaff of wizardry (or mana/spell power before that). I don't think there is any restrictions on bows.


On 6.3.2008 11:40 new.ideas wrote:

Mh, I read a lot about Fumblefingers. Where do I meet him? What do I have to do for him?

On 6.3.2008 11:41 new.ideas wrote:
ah, and is it normal that I start at Level 10 in the orc cave?

On 6.3.2008 12:08 Psi wrote:
Quests take the form of either save the princess, or rescue FF's sword. On completion of an FF quest he will either offer to join you or increase/allow one of three random skills he suggests. If you take all 98 quests then you obviously have the best chance of getting what you want from FF.

The different dungeons all have different start/end depths. The main branch runs from 1-100 (so barrow downs 1-10 orc caves 10-x etc) and there are also overlapping side dungeons.

On 6.3.2008 17:51 new.ideas wrote:
okay, how high shall I push Symbiosis. I started a Char as you said: vampiric dark-elf sorcerer (still believing in Eru) and got Symbiosis at the first FF quest. And shall I wait until I meet him again so that I have a better factor than 0.3?

On 6.3.2008 22:59 Psi wrote:
Yes. No point pumping it until you have your max multiplier (I think you can get it to 0.5 but it is a little while since I played). Then when you have that you want to put in enough points to allow you to use your pets higher powers - I think that is about 35 from memory.

My ideal build had 50 sorcery, 50 spell power, 50 thaum and 35 symbiosis. I didn't bother with any of the God/prayer stuff.

Using that build you can cast any (non-Udun) spell, hopefully get lucky with some high level area thaum spells (they can be awesome) and chain summon GWoPs with a Master Q pet. As I said, it is cheesy - but you are practically invincible (unless you cast noxious cloud around your pets in a non-teleport level...)

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