The Angband Ladder: Galirem, Troll Dark-Priest by <>

Posted on 12.2.2008 22:32
Last updated on 18.2.2008 07:35

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On 12.2.2008 22:45 wrote:
Planning to wear the one ring. Haven't hit angband yet but so far everything's been pretty much cake other then immobile summoners (Qs and Drujs) since this character has no innate los disruption.

He's had two close calls so far, blood sprouts in a sandworm liar vault when he was in his mid twenties and a pair of pit lords that got summoned into a vault by a unique. The pit lords killed him but I teleported out and killed orcs and hounds till I was restored to life.

Found one of the Thanc daggers but it hit the acid realm at level 30 or so so decided to ditch it before it picked up earth quakes. If I don't find anything better before wearing the one I'll be using that great hammer in my home for late game. Vampiric with a hefty +hit.

Curse is overpowered and hopefully will get toned down in 3.0. I could walk around with a non-ego dagger and still kill anything I've encountered so far.

On 18.2.2008 07:49 wrote:
Grew tired of scumming for potions in Erebor so have started diving angband. Hit two ff quests and then two princess quests, both of the later have been for greater Qs. Due to the room layout I didn't have to many issues with the first group, the second group was more difficult and I ended up farming greater dragons for awhile while I came up with a plan of attack.

Lost Anduril or whatever it's called (the reforged sword) to a ring wraith that got summoned into dim gates. My Random Artifact Greathammer is much better but was hoping to find Sting or Ringil with the extra luck on Anduril. Ring of Flare didn't seem to do the trick like recall does on Dim Gates so decided to abandon the level.

So far aside from summoners things have been pretty boring really. Most mobs, uniques or otherwise, get one or two rounds of attacks off before they drop. Even getting surrounded by summoned greater dragons or demons hasn't been to rough if I divide my attacks between multiple targets making sure that the biggest threats are all cursed up and take a zap from my rod of healing when I drop below 600hp.

I think drujs will pose the biggest threat and I'm hoping my saving throw will do the trick.

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