The Angband Ladder: Darnit, High-Elf Adventurer by <>

Posted on 25.1.2008 18:46

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On 25.1.2008 18:46 wrote:
Best Iron character yet. Only close call was a power drake. Taking my time and exploring most of each level, as Iron seems to get out of hand if you drop too quickly. Also, as a possible bug, once I found the Phial, as I explore each level, the dungeon stays lit (as if illuminated) once I pass through a room or a corridor even if I don't activate the Phial.

On 3.2.2008 16:27 flight2q wrote:

Not liking your boots, because they hurt your stealth.

On 7.2.2008 02:23 Antoine wrote:
The dungeon-stays-lit thing - is an option which I've changed the default setting on. But I don't like it myself and I'm going to change the default back with the next release.

There's really not a lot of incentive to dive in Iron.

Agree about the boots... otherwise your kit is pretty good.


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