The Angband Ladder: Shamal, Arabic Naturalist by <>

Posted on 29.12.2007 03:54

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On 29.12.2007 03:54 wrote:
This was a decidedly avoidable death, but I was getting impatient with the character: it seemed almost impossible to beat any reasonably tough opponents. He would cast a powerful attack spell that cost about 80% of his spellpoints and then have to wait around to recover, by which time whatever he was attacking would have healed itself anyway.

On 29.12.2007 18:08 wrote:
Hi! Great to see a Steamband dump!

I see you had some difficulties handling some of the monsters. Your equipment is a little light, but that shouldn't really present a problem - the key to the naturalist is to use their low level powers that stick around turn after turn. Casting candle flame four or five times before heading into melee combat -- or perhaps multiple blizzards. Each individual one doesn't do much damage, but when six or ten are all triggering at the same time - it makes it easier to take things out in melee.

Keep posting those steam dumps! :-)

On 30.12.2007 00:36 wrote:
I had a lot of fun with blizzards at a distance, but I'm not sure I ever used the candle flame power. In regular Angband I tend to prefer warriors, so my spellcasting strategies may be wonky. I've started up an Asiatic Adventurer, so we'll see how that goes.

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