The Angband Ladder: Nyderilath, RohanKnight Swordmaster by <>

Posted on 9.12.2007 09:24

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On 9.12.2007 09:24 wrote:
My first winner! Contemplating a dive into the void...

On 9.12.2007 09:33 wrote:
What does it take to find some decent footwear? (no footwear shops in the dungeon towns, unfortunately) I could go for some stealth boots. My speed is already +45 normally. Also, what to do with those 22 spare skill points?

On 9.12.2007 09:52 wrote:
The hardest parts of the game were: the princess quest for 11 skull druj in Mordor. The Crypt, where one room contained the Terrasque and a ringwraith among others - AND there was a fumblefingers quest for a bunch of Nycademons. And I recalled from Nameless because the summons got way out of control and there really wasn't any way to avoid fighting a whole room full of great wyrms at once. Sauron (who I must have fought and "killed" 10 times) and Morgoth didn't require nearly as much strategy as those druj.

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